Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011 Goal Review

Below were my goals for 2011.  Although I didn't meet every goal, I think we made some good progress in the right direction.  

1. Each Sunday plan meals for week and stock up.  Completed most weeks. 
2. Each weeknight pack lunch for next day during supper to minimize stress in morning.  Routine was established, spent less lunch money from previous year. 
3. Make Christmas gifts though out the year.  Could have been improved, Although I knew what I was making from early on for each gift, it was down to crunch time in November and December. My wrists and elbows were sore for 2 weeks after Christmas from all the sewing.  
4. Make 2 quilts. Completed!  I made a baby quilt for my 4 month old Niece, and a Tshirt Quilt for my husband. 
5. Pay ourselves first: continue vacation fund, and continue to save 20 percent each month.  We did better this year, but def. need to revise and improve. 
6. Make an interesting treat each month.  Completed for the most part.  With the CSA membership, that forced us to try new recipes, cook with different food we normally didn't buy. Our favorite new recipes included stuffed egg plant, roasted vegi's, quiche.  
7.  Go on a date with Jon twice a month. We def. improved this and prioritized "our time" more this year. We had a lot of "running" dates, we did a lot of cooking together, trivia nights, movie nights, etc.  
8. Give back, donate to 2 worthy causes.  We sponsored a family during Xmas and purchased gifts for the children.  We also donated to CHAD.  
9. Expand the garden and landscaping. We put in a new driveway and sidewalks.  Mulched and planted "charlie" an asian maple wood tree. We nicknamed him charlie, because he's a little small right now:) 
10. Join a Community Supported Agriculture to support local farmers and increase our fruit and vegetable intake (Farmer Dave's).  Joining the CSA def. improved our meals and forced us to eat healthier.  We did utilize the food for the most part, and preserved a few things I knew we wouldn't eat in time.  Our thanksgiving meal was one of the best because of the CSA.  This year, I plan to improve and waste less.  Our new purchase of the Vitamix will hopefully help us minimize waste and help us preserve more, eat more things we normally wouldn't.  
11. Connect with friends weekly.  I think a little better, but as always this could improve. 
12. Finish the wedding scrapbook. This will go on the priority list for next year! didn't even touch it! but hopefully will be completed by our 5th year anniversary:) 
13. Declutter the basement and keep it that way! (In progress) Not enough to check off.  This is also the priority for the next year.  
14. Go on a vacation with Jon and Brady.  We spent a week at the beach in July, also went to Quebec City, Savannah, and Iowa. 
15. Make homemade bread.  This will move to next years list as well. 
16. Get Brady pet therapy certified. I realized early on this would be a huge undertaking.
17. Read two books a month. Failed. I read a total of 6 books last year:( So hopefully this year I will at least double. 
18. Explore the Freedom Trail in it's entirety. partly completed. 
19. Simplify our home so there aren’t any random homeless items and everything looks neat and tidy. Some improvement. See Gaols for 2012 for plan of action. 
20. Play the Piano.  Not so much. Played 2-3 times.  Would like to take some lessons again. 

Overall I think I had too many goals, and not enough time.  

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