Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quilting Update

Well I've finished 2 more squares! Only 4 more to go.... I am making progress and can't wait to start piecing the front together:) Hopefully next class I will be able to get the last 4 squares done:) Will keep you posted.

Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

Sunday the 27th was my birthday. Unfortunately, I had to work a 12 hour shift, however my friends and husband made up for it before and after! Craig and Jenna hosted us over for a wonderful BBQ on Friday. It was perfect. We ended the evening with a campfire and of course wine:) But the best part was I received the Martha Stewart Cupcake recipe book from Craig and Jenna!!!! There have been sooooo many times I was at a bookstore and picked up the book, looked at it, and then put it back. :)

So on Tuesday, my lovely hubby made me homemade pizza and because I was soooo excited to use my new cupcake recipe book, I made myself birthday cupcakes.

We started the evening with chips and homemade salsa from my mom. It was a special occassion, and I absolutely LOVE my mom's salsa:) But because we have to ship it from Iowa, we try to savor it and save it for special occasions:)
Jon made the pizza dough with 1/2 wheat, 1/2 white flour. The pizza sauce was awesome with honey and brown sugar added. We topped the pizza with 1/3 fresh basil from our garden, 1/3 green pepper and onion, and 1/3 cheese. It was amazing!

Isn't he the cutest:)
The finished pie:
And now for the best Strawberry Cupcakes. Made from scratch with fresh strawberries. Yummy!
Topped with homemade whipped cream (never knew it could be so easy!)

Bon Appetit!