Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gift Idea: Receiving Blanket & Crib Sheet

If you are looking for a cute and super easy baby gift, here is a great idea: Receiving blanket and crib sheet set. Friends of ours just had a baby girl, who has monkeys for decoration in her room. As I was browsing at Joann's, I found this perfect matching fabric that goes with her decor.

My Mom loves to make crib sheets (and the mom's who receive the crib sheets are ever so thrilled as they are so soft and cozy). While she was in town she taught me how to make sheets. Very easy to make and they make wonderful gifts. As we are entering the baby phase of life, I have stocked up on fabric and hope to have these sets on hand:)

For the receiving blanket:

Materials: basic sewing supplies, 1 yard of lightweight cotton fabric, and 1 yard of cotton flannel.

How to: cut each yard to matching rectangles. Pin the pieces of fabric together, right sides facing. Machine-stitch the edges with 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a 3 inch opening. Trim off points of corners. Turn the blanket right-side out. Press the edges, then hand sew the opening closed with a slipstitch. From there I did a decorative top stitching with my machine around the parameter.

For the Crib Sheet:
Materials: 2 yard 44-45"wide flannel, 2 yard 3/8" elastic

How to: Cut 8 1/2" square out of each corner. Sew (right side together) cut-out corners. For the Casing: Place right side of fabric down. Press 1/4" and then Press 5/8" to make casing for elastic. Then sew 1/8" seam allowance. Leave 3 inches open to pull elastic through (use a safety pin pinned to end of elastic to help pull through casing). Overlap elastic ends about 1" sew together. Then sew closed 3 inch opening.