Saturday, November 27, 2010

Craft Room

I was tired of having to convert the dining room between crafts and dining (my husband too!), so we finally took the plunge and decided to utilize our space to meet our needs. We changed one of our spare bedrooms into a craft room, where I can work on my projects and if I need to stop in the middle, I can simply close the door. With the inspiration of the black singer, we made it the focal point in the room. We then moved the kitchen table which we never used to the craft room. Moving the kitchen table really solved 2 problems, as in the kitchen all it did was collect clutter and it really gives me nice open space to sew and scrap.

With the help of my friend Phil, I made a felt board to help piece together my quilts. Phil made a basic frame from wood and we covered it with felt. The fabric simply sticks to the felt without any pins, so it's easy to move pieces and determine placement of squares, etc. It also keeps me on task to finish my current projects, as it's displayed out in the open and not tucked away in the closet.

This desk armoir, is the resting spot for both my sewing machine and cricut. It also stores my resources so they are handy to pull out when in need.

I really enjoy my new space, hopefully it inspires you to create your own:)

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  1. Kerri, this is awesome!! I love your space, and the colors too! I am in the middle of completely reorganizing my space in the basement - making room for my daughter to share it, so I know what a big job it is. I know you will love crafting in your own space!