Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mini Office / Mail Reception Area

In our 1920's house, storage is obviously a challenge. So we have learned to become creative and clutter free as possible. Incoming mail is always a challenge and I have been trying so many different options to minimize the clutter. I finally found a solution that works great. Here is the before picture of the mini office I had located in kitchen, obviously it doesn't look the greatest, but here it is:

And here is the after picture. I found this vertical handing folder from the container store, which i have hanging from a super magnet on the fridge. Of the categories for the file slots, I have: one for my husband, myself, bills to pay, a slot to hold envelopes and stamps, to review, and to file. Next to the vertical folder, I have a 2 containers (white) that hold post its, note cards, pens, scissors, stapler, and tape. And the best thing about the vertical folder, I can easily fold it up and take it with me to file things in my long term file system. This has worked wonderfully and 2 months out, still looks the same way! So the "system" is definitely an improvement.

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