Monday, May 24, 2010

First Quilting Project

Well, now that the scrapbook is complete, I'm off to another project. Thanks to my husband he found me a great deal on a Kenmore sewing machine! I am so thrilled, I can't wait to use it! The first project with the awesome machine is going to be a sampler quilt, under the direction of my friend Joanna. Check out her amazing work at Applique Today. This past weekend, I made it to a fabric shop and picked out my selection. I hope it turns out good:)
I will keep you posted on my progress! The first class is this weekend, I can hardly wait:)


  1. Oh my gosh - Kerri, I LOVE your fabrics!!!! They will be so perfect - the big circles can be the main fabric, and the others the background and contrast. I'm so glad you got a medium, light, and dark - you need that contrast to make the patterns show, so these will be wonderful!

  2. Great!I'm so glad you approve! I can't wait.