Friday, April 16, 2010

Scrapbook Challenge Update

Well, I have finally made some progress on my project. I was having a mental block for the first two weeks of the challenge.....Feeling overwhelmed by the number of pages to be completed, I was definitely procrastinating! My dining room has turned into a craft room for the time being. I have placed a few old table cloths on the table to protect the table and have placed everything out, ready to go. Unfortunately, my husband and I will be eating TV dinners for the next month!
Getting organized has been the best thing. I had an desktop file to hold files vertical and have placed each subject within the files along with the pictures, stickers, and articles related to the subject. This has made everything very convenient. It also allowed me to see what I was still missing. This scrapbook is def. going to be 2 books instead of one! Too many great memories to include!
Here is my progress so far! Happy Scrapping:)

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  1. Kerri,

    This is coming out amazing! What a wonderful present for your brother! Its something I'm sure he'll always be so glad to have. I love it! Keep up the great work...I know its overwhelming sometimes, but I know you'll get it done and it will be just wonderful!!! xoxo