Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grandma's Cookbook Collection

My Grandma Ruth was an amazing cook, as well as my Grandma Martha...Both had their specialties and favorite things to cook. Each birthday I would receive a pie of my choice from Grandma Ruth and an Angle food Cake from my Grandma Martha. I usually picked strawberry pie since my birthday was in June. Grandma Ruth made the best pies. I remember going to visit her and seeing her calender marked with all the birthdays of her children, grandchildren, friends, and neighbors, she would never miss birthday.

After Grandma Ruth passed, I was so fortunate to have received her cookbooks. These I will always treasure. Tonight since I was laying low, I decided to go through the collection and mark some recipes I intend to make. Most of the cookbooks she owned, were local cookbooks she and my mother submitted recipes to and were published. What a joy to see her "notes" written in the index, such as "good" and "really good." She was also the head cook at the local nursing home in my home town. Each month in the bulletin, she featured two of her recipes in "Ruth's Recipes." What pleasure to go back and read through the comments the residents would make in regards to my Grandmother's cooking.

As I continue to make new recipes and advance my cooking, my goal is to make at least one of my Grandma Ruth's recipes every month. She was a remarkable woman and will forever be missed. I hope I can be almost as good of a cook and continue to pass along her favorite recipes.

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