Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Pile of Paint Cans

Paint cans. With every project brings in more paint cans. And the space they take up! Each room has a different color in our home, plus the woodwork is painted, add in the primer and ceiling paint and it's easy to understand where the clutter originates from. I just went through the shelf and evaluated each color. I asked myself, do we love the color for the room? If the answer was no, I opened the can to let it dry out and will toss out. If the answer was yes, then I transferred the paint to empty quart size can which I purchased for $1.50/each at our local hardware store, and labeled with the color, brand, code, and room. I also have kept a file with all our paint sample swatches, fabric samples, tile, etc for reference. So the clutter has decreased to approx. half of what it originally started from. I can live with that!

1 comment:

  1. Did Shannon just swoop in and invade your body or something?! This is so totally a Shannon kind of thing to do lol!! Love it!