Monday, March 22, 2010

Basement Project

Well, we had a great weekend! Spring Cleaning month continues as we tackled our basement. The Basement was a complete disaster...with all the house projects we have completed upstairs, everything was being dumped in the basement. So with the help of my husband, we removed EVERY item and placed in categories: Keep, Trash, Relocate, and Donate. We also removed an old huge work bench that was taking up so much space and was a heaven for clutter. We got crafty and made a shelf for the window AC units, we grouped items in categories such as Kitchen, Christmas, Gift Wrapping/Craft/Decorations, and Laundry. The finished project is amazing and a huge relief. Initially, both my husband and I were thinking we would have to buy/make a few shelving units. But by using what we had, we were able to complete this project at no cost but our time and hard-work.

Unfortunately, that means next weekend we will be tackling the Shed, where some things were relocated from the basement. The plan for the shed is to reorganize and add more space by making a loft to hold items that aren't used as much such as camping gear, coolers, dog crates, and folding chairs, etc.

Any suggestions to reduce the clutter of paint cans? With us repainting each room, we have a whole shelf devoted to these supplies, and endless paint cans... Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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