Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nintendo Organization

My husband has been on a Nintendo kick for the past several months. This has included getting an older TV so that we could play Duck Hunt....because yes, the new flat screen TV's don't allow the gun to work! So after living with the TV on an heater and cords everywhere for the past couple months, I decided to surprise him with my organization skills:) While he was off with his friends to a Red Sox game, off to Ikea I went:)

Prior to the trip, I put all of his Nintendo stuff on the dining room table and grouped similar items. I then measured games, etc. to ensure getting the correct box and ample amount of storage. The Expedit Bookshelf was the perfect fit, as we are limited for space. but the $40 price tag was also perfect! I think it turned out pretty good and my hubby was thrilled!



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