Sunday, January 2, 2011

Train Wallet

My nephew Carter loves, loves, loves trains. For this Christmas, to go along with the trains we got him, I decided to make a train wallet to carry his trains.
With 2 coordinating fabrics, and black felt for the tracks, cut the 2 big rectangles to size. Then cut the felt 1 inch for the cross tracks and 1/2 inch for the long rails. Pin and stitch the tracks in place on to one of the rectangles. Then cut the pocket, allowing 5 inches deep and the same length of the rectangle. Attach the pocket to the other half of the rectangle. Allow 3 inches width for each pocket for each train. After attaching the pocket, stitch the 2 rectangles together right sides together, allowing for 4 inches open to turn right side out. Then slipstictch the 4 inch opening together and iron it flat.

As you can see he loves his train wallet:)

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