Saturday, October 16, 2010

Small improvements, one step at a time! Here are the updates we have made in our 1930's Kitchen.

Here are pics of the Kitchen before we purchase in 2005:

And here are the current pics. Obviously with a total of 4 drawers and 4 cabinets we are tight on space for food and storage. With creative space planning, we utilized wall space to store pots and pans, and moved the fridge to add space for a small island. The island also added space for our essentials: Kitchen Aid mixer and coffee maker which couldn't fit under our current cabinets due to height restrictions.....All in all, a few updates with paint and creatively utilizing the space we have we definitely made our kitchen more efficient until we can really afford an upgrade:)

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  1. I still really love the green kitchen. Something about the contrast with the white cabinets. Maybe I'll paint my next kitchen green.