Sunday, August 8, 2010

Updated Porch: A Fresh new look

It's amazing the motivation to clean/update your house that comes when company are visiting! My family will be visiting from Iowa next weekend, so my husband and I were hard at work this past weekend to clean, update, and organize. Our four seasons porch is probably our favorite room in the house. It's were we hang out, watch tv, play games, etc. The space is challenging as it is small, so finding the right furniture to create the max amount of seating for when guests arrive has been extremely difficult. I feel that we finally got it right.

This first picture is before we purchased the home in 2005...cute, but not quite our style.....
This is one of the many times I rearranged the furniture in the porch. I can drive my husband crazy by the amount of times I try to rearrange a space. I feel that I do it only when I'm frustrated and can't find it to work just right....As you can tell with this arrangement, we only had a small love seat, and chair...but was way over-crowded with a sewing machine, ottoman, games, dvd's etc.
Here is space empty....for the most part of course

And here is the new furniture/arrangement. After hours of research, measuring, etc. I feel that we finally got it right. We really wanted a sofa bed to add an extra spot for guests to sleep. We decided to go for the Beddinge at Ikea....Great price, comfortable and the perfect size. It also has a box underneath for awesome storage...we have our games, dvd's, blankets, and an extra cover for the couch....

We decided to go with a comfortable ottoman with a pillow instead of a chair. We wanted something that wouldn't take up too much space and that would visually not "crowd" the space. With this low profile, you can see out the windows and also tell that it really does make the space feel a lot bigger without loosing extra seating....And it still is comfortable to sit. Plus our dog, Brady, absolutely loves his new "raised dog bed!"

We love the way it has turned out! Enjoy:)


  1. Wow! I really like it, so simple! Re-arranging is such a pain, I keep doing it to our poor living room...which ends up as it was was when we first moved in.

  2. Thanks! We really like it and the room feels so much bigger!