Thursday, March 4, 2010

Media Organizing Tips

Each day I plan to do small little projects to increase productivity and ease the hassels of daily life. Today's project focused on organizing my media collection including cookbooks, reading books, DVD's, and our game collection.

I first started off with my reading books and alphabetized them by author. During this process I set aside books that needed to be returned to their owners, books that we could donate to salvation army, and books we wanted to keep.

As for cookbooks, I organized them in one location next to the stove for easy access and reference.

For the DVD collection, some of our movies were stored downstairs due to space reasons. Which meant these movies haven't been looked at since we moved here 5 years ago. So with a couple of wine boxes, we are now able to view our DVD collection and easily pull out a movie to watch when the mood is right. As for future, with our Netflix and Rocu box, we won't need to buy/store any more DVD's which is eco-friendly and saves the hassel of finding all that space needed to store and also money!

My husband and I love to play games together. It's a fun and competitive and allows us to have quality time together. So in turn, I decided to group all of the games and stack them in an un-used corner, so they are easily accessible. Also being able to see them instead of tucked away downstairs, will give a visual cue of something we can do.

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